BBC Red Button+ FAQs

Category: TV
  1. What is BBC Red Button+?

    Red Button+ is a relatively recent service for connected TVs that lets you easily discover even more brilliant BBC content – just by pressing the red button on your remote control.

    It’s available on hundreds of Smart televisions and on major television platforms like Virgin TiVo and YouView.

    As Red Button+ evolved we listened to your feedback and as a result, we’ve refreshed it to take advantage of improvements to our Sport, News and BBC iPlayer products on connected TV. Now the Red Button+ experience is so much better.

    This summer, pressing the red button is the simplest way to enjoy the additional coverage available on connected TV from all our big events, including Euros 2016, Glastonbury, Wimbledon and of course, the Rio Olympics. Give it a try to get the full live and on demand experience.

    Of course, not everyone has a connected TV and the standard Red Button service is still very much alive and kicking and available from the majority of digital televisions without an internet connection. No changes there.

    And you can access both services just by pressing the red button on a TV remote control from any BBC TV channel.

  2. Where has the original Red Button service gone?

    The original Red Button is still available on most TVs. If you’re in/on? Red Button+ you can access the original red button just by pressing the ‘text’ key on your television remote control.

  3. Which TVs does Red Button+ work on?

    Red Button+ will work on the majority of connected TVs and Set Top Boxes (STBs) produced after 2012.

  4. Can I access both Red Button Services?

    If your TV or Set Top Box supported the original Red Button service then you can continue to use this by pressing the ‘text’ button instead of ‘red’ on your remote control. Note that the original Red Button was not available on TiVo or YouView devices.

  5. Why would I use Red Button+ over the existing Connected TV apps – BBC News, BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer?

    The beauty of Red Button+ is that you can access all the BBC’s apps from a single point by pressing the red button on your remote control, rather than launching them separately via the apps area on your TV. This makes it easier and quicker to access the apps and navigate between them. So you get all the extra content that connected TV offers in the simplest way possible.

  6. What’s different about this refreshed Red Button+ Service?

    The new service gives an easier way to navigate using a menu on the left-hand-side of the screen. Selecting sections from the menu using the up and down keys and selecting allows you to launch quickly into the BBC’s familiar portfolio of products and you can browse and search in these products, all while continuing to watch your current TV programme. Pressing red from within any of the products immediately returns you to the menu, once again, still retaining your current programme in the background.

  7. What other features will be coming to Red Button+ in the future?

    Red Button+ means that the BBC can build a TV service that's fit for the future, combining the comfort of watching TV from your living room sofa with simple access to all the extra content you get from the internet. We'll be adding more features and extending the service to more devices and platforms over time. To keep up with the latest developments, visit the ‘About the BBC’ Blog.

  8. Why aren’t sections like Travel and Stocks and Shares available like they were in the original Red Button Service?

    Red Button+ is still evolving and we’re constantly adding new features and BBC content. If you can't find what you're looking for you can still access the original Red Button service (if supported by your device) by pressing ‘text’ on your remote control.

  9. Why don’t the Quick Codes (numerical codes, usually three numbers, used to access content in the original red button) work like they do on the original Red Button?

    Red Button+ has a new way of navigating that lets you get to content without having to enter numerical codes. The “Quick Links”, located in the ‘Featured’ section, let you easily access the most popular sections of our products.

  10. Is BBC Red Button+ replacing BBC Red Button?

    No, even though the number of connected TVs is growing quickly, the original Red Button service remains hugely popular, so it will be around for some time.
    Red Button+ is just the next step, combining the best BBC content with the advantages of internet-connected TVs.

  11. Why does nothing show on screen when I press ‘red’ on my remote?

    We may be having technical issues or it could be a problem with your TV internet connection, so please try again later. We monitor our services carefully and try to fix any problems as quickly as possible.

  12. Why is Red Button+ slow on my TV?

    We've done all we can to make Red Button+ work as efficiently as possible on any TV. However, factors outside our control, like differences in hardware, mean that Red Button+ doesn't always perform as well on some TVs as it does on others.

  13. Why can’t I access Red Button+ on Sky?

    Due to technical restrictions beyond our control, we are unable to bring Red Button+ to Sky. But, you can still access the original Red Button service on your connected TV.

  14. How fast does my broadband need to be the use Red Button+?

    We recommend a broadband connection of 2Mb or higher to enjoy Red Button+ and the BBC’s products on connected TV.