BBC Learning

BBC Learning aims to transform lives through education, by working across the BBC to produce the best educational content, resources and activities that support learning on TV, radio and online.

BBC Learning delivers the BBC’s public purpose to promote education and is central to fulfilling the BBC’s mission to inform, educate and entertain.

As a department, BBC Learning aims to transform lives through education by:

  1. Providing every child in the UK with a personalised structured learning experience to maximise their individual attainment through BBC Bitesize.
  2. Supporting & inspiring classroom learning with world-class, curriculum linked programming (currently delivered through BBC Teach and Live Lessons).
  3. Addressing societal and educational deficits within the UK by acting as a leader & convener of strategic partnerships aimed at effecting tangible change such as the BBC micro:bit campaign, BBC Terrific Scientific and #LoveToRead.

What we do

Providing a personalised structured learning experience

BBC Bitesize supports students with their studies outside the classroom, at home and on the go. It directly relates to the curriculum, supporting learners from reception through to taking school-leaving exams.

BBC Bitesize has been an invaluable support for young learners since 1998 and today supports the UK curricula in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales using a rich mix of written content, audio, video, infographics, interactive activities and guides. Today Bitesize is used by 80% of secondary school students in the UK with average unique browsers of 2.5 million each week in term time. It is a valued resource for students, with 80% of GCSE users agreeing that it made them feel more prepared for their exams.

Supporting & inspiring classroom learning

BBC Teach aims to support teachers by curating the best of BBC videos, BBC archive and other curriculum-related resources for use in the classroom.

BBC Teach has a dedicated teaching resource site hosted on YouTube, which is updated daily and contains well over 1800 carefully selected clips, covering subjects at early years, primary and secondary level and across all national curricula.

BBC Live Lessons are reinventing schools television for a digital age, bringing the curriculum to life in an innovative and interactive way, creating the biggest classroom in the UK.

Major educational campaigns

BBC Terrific Scientific is a bold, ambitious science campaign to inspire 9-11 year old primary school pupils and teachers through exciting, innovative and accessible mass-participation scientific investigations. Terrific Scientific DIY complements the classroom campaign by encouraging families to get hands on with science during the school holidays.

In 2016, the BBC and its partners designed, manufactured and distributed up to 1 million BBC micro:bits free to every pupil in Year 7 in England and Wales, S1 in Scotland and Year 8 Northern Ireland. To ensure a long lasting legacy for this campaign we are supporting the micro:bit foundation by creating inspirational content for teachers and students using BBC brands.

Other current campaigns include Radio 1's Academy where we have joined forces with Hull’s City of Culture to take up residency in Hull for 2017 to inspire local students to take the next step in creative careers; The Mind Set – the UK’s first national peer-to-peer coaching network for GCSE and National students; and BBC Ten Pieces which is providing unique opportunities for children and young people to produce creative responses to classical music.

BBC Learning Commissions