The Executive Board is responsible for the operational management of the BBC.

Directors from across the BBC contribute to the leadership of the organisation as part of the Executive Team. Further information about the structure of the Executive can be found below.

This page was last updated on Monday 30 March 2015.

Executive Board

The Executive Board runs the BBC. It is responsible for delivering the BBC’s services in accordance with the strategy agreed with the BBC Trust, and for all aspects of operational management.

The Director-General is chairman of the Executive Board, as well as chief executive and editor-in-chief of the BBC; he is appointed by the BBC Trust. The Board is made up of executive directors from within the BBC and a number of non-executive directors, who bring external expertise and insight to the operation of the Board.

The Executive Board meets most months, and a summary of the minutes is published online once they have been approved at the subsequent meeting.

Executive Team

In addition to the directors who make up the Board, other directors are engaged in the Executive Team, which looks at pan-BBC issues and ensures that all divisions are involved in delivering the BBC’s objectives.

The directors listed below join the Executive Board directors as members of the Executive Team, this information is correct as of April 2014. Click on each link to access the job description and other details.

Who we are

Our story, our public purpose and how we are funded

Executive Salaries

Executive salary bands are published by operational area and available in PDF format.