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Roles and responsibilities

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  • Zarin was Chief Financial Officer and sat on the BBC's Executive Board and was also a non-executive director of BBC Worldwide.
  • She had overall responsibility for the BBC Finance & Business division, comprising of four areas: Finance, Operations, Transition & Business Management and Legal & Business Assurance.
  • BBC Finance & Business brings together in one place all our finance, commercial and business operations to manage our key cost and revenue drivers in a joined up way across the BBC, that includes: financial management and control, allocation of budgets, reviewing financial performance, managing external financing reporting to external stakeholders, and managing licence fee collection.
  • Zarin was also a Trustee of the BBC Pension Scheme.

Salary and total remuneration

Salary: £322,000
Total remuneration: £337,000

These details were last updated in July 2011 when Zarin Patel's salary and remuneration were last adjusted.


Last updated August 2013

Zarin Patel was Chief Financial Officer, BBC and Non-Executive Director, BBC Worldwide. She was a member of the BBC's Executive Board, reporting to the Director-General.

Zarin joined the BBC in 1998 as Group Financial Controller. During her three years in that role she achieved a transformation of the organisation allowing the BBC to redirect substantial new investment into programming from overhead savings. She also reformed the BBC's financial management disciplines as part of the implementation of SAP.

In October 2001, Zarin became the BBC's Head of Revenue Management and was responsible for the collection of television licence fee income across the UK, which now totals £3.4bn. Under her leadership, evasion was brought to an all-time estimated low of 5%.

In 2004, Zarin Patel was declared 'Client Marketer of the Year' by London-based direct marketing trade magazine Precision Marketing, an accolade that recognised her skills at spearheading the marketing operation of TV Licensing.

Since becoming Chief Financial Officer at the end of 2004, she has led BBC Finance through a period of significant change, reshaping the finance provision across the BBC, moving non-core financial services off-shore as well as implementing two major pan-BBC efficiency programmes. She has also been a key player in the BBC's strategy to outsource both core and non-core services and return significant savings to into programme-making.

Zarin played a key role in negotiations with the Government in 2011 to secure the Licence Fee settlement, providing the BBC with funding certainty and enabling it to create a robust financial plan to underpin the BBC's strategy of "Delivering Quality First", developing new ways of realising more value from the BBC's IP for the benefit of Licence Fee payers.

In 2011 Zarin led and delivered the BBC's pensions reform, creating a new and sustainable pension strategy to ensure affordable long-term health of the scheme and reduce the BBC's pension deficit.

After graduating in economics from the London School of Economics in 1982, Zarin trained as a chartered accountant with KPMG, where she gained 15 years' experience at a senior level with multi-national corporations across the industrial and commercial sectors.

She is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School Advanced Management Programme, and is also a Governor for the University of Arts in London.

Expenses and central bookings

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Declaration of personal interests

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