Simon Parsons, Head of Children's, Scotland


Last updated April 2010

Simon Parsons started his broadcast career as a film editor at BBC Manchester in the mid-Eighties before leaving to pursue a freelance career for 15 years.

He worked around the ITV network, variously at Granada (World In Action), TVS (The Ruth Rendell Mysteries) as well as Tyne Tees, Border TV and various independent companies in London.

In 1990 Simon settled in Glasgow. He directed documentaries for Channel 4 and numerous factual series for STV before joining the BBC in 1997 to work in Children's TV, where he produced titles such as Live And Kicking, 50/50 and The Saturday Show.

In 2005 Simon became Head of Children's Production in Scotland and joined the board of BBC Children's at a time of massive change.

He also joined a working group to help develop a new strategy for the whole of the BBC's children's services. Implementation meant leading the department in Scotland to develop an almost entirely new slate and redefine its purpose.

Simon lives near Glasgow with his family. He is 49.