Martin Davidson, Commissioning Editor, history and business programming


Last updated May 2010

Martin Davidson is Commissioning Editor for history and business programming.

Martin joined the BBC in 1988 and worked across series as diverse as The Late Show (1989-1993), A History Of British Art, Reputations and Decisive Weapons, before becoming executive producer of A History Of Britain, presented by Simon Schama.

In 2001, he became head of history at RDF Media, responsible for Story Of The Novel, Spitfire Ace, Bomber Crew, Scrapheap Challenge and The Queen's Castle, among others.

He returned to the BBC in 2005 as Commissioning Executive Producer, Independents, Specialist Factual, before becoming Acting Genre Commissioner, Specialist Factual, in March 2007.

He was appointed Commissioning Editor, Specialist Factual Programming In-house, in November 2007.

In his current role, Martin commissions history and business for BBC One, Two and Four.

Recent commissions include Andrew Marr's History Of Modern Britain, History Cold Case, The Virtual Revolution, The Love Of Money and Empire Of The Seas.