The main events, announcements and consultation process made as part of Delivering Quality First.

In March 2010 the BBC published its Putting Quality First strategy. This defined five editorial priorities for the BBC:

  • the best journalism
  • inspiring knowledge, music and culture
  • ambitious UK drama and comedy
  • outstanding children's content
  • events that bring communities and the nation together

and a renewed focus on distinctiveness; value for money; serving all audiences; and openness and transparency. Following a period of consultation the BBC Trust agreed the final strategy in December 2010.

In October 2010 the BBC agreed a new licence fee settlement with the Government - setting the licence fee at £145.50 until the end of the BBC's Charter in 2017, and taking on funding responsibilities for:

  • The BBC World Service and BBC Monitoring
  • An expanded partnership with the Welsh language television service S4C
  • Support for new local television services
  • Raising and extending the current ring-fence in the licence fee for digital TV switchover from £133m a year to £150m a year, repurposed to support broadband roll-out.

In January 2011, Mark Thompson launched the Delivering Quality First process to challenge the organisation to deliver the Putting Quality First strategy within the parameters of the new licence fee settlement.

The process involved an intensive six month process of staff consultation to July 2011. Ideas and comments were invited from across the BBC to inform the proposals.

Between May 2011 and July 2011 the BBC's Finance and Policy and Strategy teams developed the ideas into firm proposals before they were taken to the BBC Executive Board and the BBC Trust. The final conclusions were published in October 2011 when the BBC Trust opened a three month period of consultation.