Granger Report

Category: TV

This report was commissioned by the BBC following the tragic death of Russell Joslin. The report has been prepared by Lesley Granger, an external consultant after a lengthy invesitgation. Her findings are supported by witness testimony and a paper review. Ms Granger's Terms of Reference tasked her to consider: 

  • what formal/informal complaints/concerns relating to bullying and harassment Russell Joslin had raised with the BBC and how he wished those complaints/concerns to be dealth with;
  • what may have prevented him from raising such concerns/complaints at an earlier stage;
  • how in fact the BBC dealt with such complaints; and
  • what formal/informal complaints/concerns Russell Joslin made with regard to the BBC's handling of his complaints. 

In order to ensure prompt publication, the report linked to below is being presented as a scanned PDF. This will be updated with a fully accessible PDF as soon as possible.

Opening a PDF file

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