Report into the economic value of the BBC 2011/12

This report considers the economic benefits that the BBC brings to the UK economy – and the digital and creative sectors in particular – in more detail. Specifically it:

  • Fulfils the commitment to report every two years on the economic value the BBC’s spending delivers to the UK, updating for 2011/12 our previous estimates (based on standard ‘multiplier’ analysis);

  • Develops a framework to analyse the additional value and economic growth created by the BBC as a uniquely ‘open’ media organisation that collaboratively innovates and shares its knowledge and expertise with the creative sector; and

  • Provides case studies of four BBC activities and partnerships in 2011/12 which have contributed to innovation, growth and knowledge sharing.

Opening a PDF file

To open a PDF file you need Adobe Reader software, which you can download free via BBC WebWise. Otherwise, choose the text-only version of the document, where available.