BBC Annual Reports and Accounts

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BBC Annual Report and Accounts

The case for the BBC doesn't rest on ideological arguments or debates between economists. It rests on what we do. On our programmes and services. Tony Hall, Director-General, July 2015
Every year the BBC reports to licence fee payers and audiences.

The Annual Report and full financial statements are formally laid in Parliament in accordance with the requirements of the Charter. Usually this happens in July. We also make the Annual Report available on the BBC website as a PDF download. 

The Annual Report is made up of three parts.

The Overview provides key information. Part One is the BBC Trust’s review and assessment of BBC performance during the year. It also includes information about the work of the Trust and its running costs. The BBC Executive’s report on its own performance during the 2013/14 is included in Part Two

All sections of the report are available as one PDF linked to below.

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Download the Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15