Sharing our resources

As well as formal partnerships with specific organisations, we are sharing our resources and expertise more widely. Here are some examples:

  • We are sharing some of our online video news content in an agreement with the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, The Independent, Daily Mail and over 30 other newspaper websites.

  • Training resources: The BBC College of Journalism was made publicly available in the UK in 2009 and provides free world-class learning materials to all journalists, irrespective of who they work for. We also share the BBC Multiplatform Foundation training with other organisations including PACT,BECTU and the Indie Training Fund. The BBC College of Production website is publically available in the UK and provides practical advice on all aspects of TV, radio and online production for the production community and general public.

  • The BBC's media literacy project aims to drive and support online take-up across the UK, working with several partners including Race Online 2012 and UK Online Centres. Campaigns highlight the benefits of being online as part of our commitment to increasing levels of digital engagement throughout the UK.

  • Albert is the name we've given to the UK's first broadcast carbon calculator for television. Developed by the BBC, the online tool is being used by BBC programme-makers across output to estimate their carbon footprint and is accompanied by a guide with actions and ideas to reduce emissions. Some of the UK's leading broadcasters and independent production companies have signed up as pioneers of Albert. A consortia, led by BAFTA, will build on the BBC's work to date and ensure the calculator can be used by any broadcaster or indie – large or small.