BBC Executive priorities and summary workplan for 2011/12

Date: 01.06.2011     Last updated: 18.08.2014 at 15.36

June 2011: The BBC Trust has set four over-arching objectives for the organisation between now and 2016:

  • to increase the distinctiveness and quality of its output
  • to improve the value for money it provides to licence fee payers
  • to do more to serve all audiences
  • to set new standards of openness and transparency

The BBC Summary Workplan sets out how these six-year objectives have been translated into annual objectives for BBC management and staff. It also highlights any notable or significant changes to BBC services and includes a high-level BBC budget for 2011/12.

The Statements of Programme Policy (SoPPs) (included in this document) set out the Controller's vision for each of the BBC's services for the coming year and any notable editorial developments or programmes.    

Opening a PDF file

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