BBC Audience Information for April-June 2011

Date: 30.06.2011     Last updated: 04.11.2014 at 13.31

The BBC has today for the 2nd time published a range of audience data showing how the BBC and its services perform against key attributes of Quality and Reach. These results cover the period April – June 2011.

The results, which the BBC published for the first time in July 2011, are published quarterly. They include the audience Appreciation Index (AI) - a score out of 100 given to BBC services by an independently run panel of 20,000 people. The results here show the BBC is performing extremely strongly across TV, radio and online with many measures remaining at record levels.

As well as the AI measurement, the BBC has also published reach data (how many people consume BBC services, and for how long) and whether audiences view programmes and services across the BBC as distinctive.

James Holden Head of Audiences, BBC said “We are pleased with this recent set of figures. The BBC constantly strives to deliver a range of content and services that licence fee payers will choose and enjoy. These figures show that they continue to do so despite the wide range of media options available”.    

Opening a PDF file

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