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English Language Television Commissioning Opportunity


Back in February I mentioned that ten years on from Coal House, BBC Wales wants to bring living history back to the network.

We are looking for a landmark series idea that can capture the audience’s imagination in the same way that Coal House did - and tell stories that puts the past in touching distance of the present.

Like Coal House it will have warmth, humour and real emotion – and crucially tell us something about who we are now.

In the ten years since the first three families moved into Stack Square in Blaenavon we have seen real people sent to the slums of Victorian London, conscripted for National Service or encouraged to eat their way through six decades of diets and dinners.

So where could we go next? How do we find new ways of making living history primetime entertainment? What are the stories still waiting to be told?

All proposals need to be submitted via BBC Pitch and we’d like to receive these by midday Wednesday 5th July.