BBC Radio Wales programme delivery

This is the essential guide to help programme makers with information on what to deliver with a programme, to whom and by when. 

Radio studio mic

You will find an explanation of the terminology, advice on who to contact for help, guides to completing the paperwork as well as detailed technical specification. 

The site is designed to support in house and independent programme makers delivering English language radio programmes for transmission by BBC Radio Wales.

Useful Contacts : 

Radio Wales Presentation.  Tel: 029 2032-2340.  E-mail: 

Radio Wales Scheduler – Clive Roderick.  Tel: 029 2032-3418.  E-mail: 

Current Recordings – Tel: O29 2032-2144.  E-mail: or 

Commissioning Editor – Various.  Tel: O29 2032-2144.  E-mail: or 

Audio levels & technical specifications :

Programmes should now deliver the M6 and not M3 standard. Full details may be found in the technical specifications for Radio Wales & Radio Cymru. See form on the right under Guidance and Specification.

Delivery dates

Completed programmes should be delivered to BBC Radio Wales Current Recordings on CD, or 16-bit 48KHz WAV file, 3 weeks prior to transmission to allow for the necessary Editorial and Technical checks. If this is not possible (for example if the programme is topical) then you should specify this at the time of commission. If the delivery date is not achievable due to circumstances beyond your control this should be raised with Radio Wales Presentation as soon as possible. Each programme must be clearly labelled on both CD and box, or file, with the programme title and programme number allocated to it by the Radio Wales Scheduler. 

Note : for CD delivery BBC Radio Wales requires you supply two copies of the programme, a Master and a backup copy. Both CDs can be submitted in the same (double) DVD case. 

For technical details see the PDF form at the top right of this page under Guidance and Specification. 

Some in-house and independent productions deliver directly onto the Radioman playout system. Guidelines for this form of delivery are available from Radio Wales Presentation. 

Address for completed programmes :

Current Recordings, Room E2104, BBC Cymru Wales, Cardiff CF5 2YQ.  Tel: 029 2032-2665

Contact for general queries :

Radio Wales Presentation.  Tel: 029 2032-2340 or (01) 22340 internally.  e-mail:

Programme presentation

  • Programmes should be between 27’15 and 27’30 for a half-hour slot.  Hour-long slots may have different durations – please confirm with the scheduler.
  • Programmes should be as self-contained as possible - with minimal continuity announcements at the top and tail.  (See form below)                                                       
  • Ensure that the presenter introduces him/herself and the programme clearly at the top.
  • And reminds the listener of who and what they are listening to half way in. A clear summary at the end is also good as people don’t often make an appointment to listen on radio and may have missed the introduction.
  • Ident BBC Radio Wales in the body of the programme where you can.
  • Remember that your programme is likely to be repeated at a different time of day so keep greetings generic. Eg ‘Hello..’ as opposed to ‘Good morning.. etc’
  • It may also be repeated many months later so where possible make references timeless.  If your content is topical then it is unlikely to be repeated so ignore the aforementioned.
  • If you are making a series please DON’T say ‘At the same time next week’ as the run may be disrupted.  Use ‘In the next programme..’ Next time..’.
  • Production credits should be contained within the main body of the programme.
  • Continuity Announcement forms with details of in and out cues and duration are still required, even if you do not require anything read by the presentation announcer.

For further information please contact

Delivery date paperwork

The following paperwork MUST be submitted by independent producers on the agreed programme delivery date. The paperwork should be submitted electronically to Radio Wales Presentation, with the exception of the Recording Report which may be handwritten and is submitted as part of the CD delivery.

Compliance Form

A Compliance Form MUST be completed by the producer for every pre-recorded programme to demonstrate that it complies with BBC Editorial Guidelines. These guidelines incorporate all the relevant sections of the OFCOM Broadcasting Code with which the BBC must comply. All sections of the form must be completed, including the section on Mandatory Referrals to the Controller of Editorial Policy at the BBC. A completed Programme Compliance Form is required for all productions, including all repeats, and is an essential part of delivery. 

Independent productions : 

The form must be sent electronically to Radio Wales Presentation at the same time as programme delivery. The Programme cannot be broadcast without receipt of this form. 

In-house productions : 

Radio Wales producers should send the completed form to their Assistant Editor for signing off. Producers working in other departments (eg News, Sport) should send the completed form to their Manager for signing off before sending the form to Radio Wales Presentation.

Contact : 

Radio Wales Presentation, Tel: 029 2032-2340, e-mail:

Recording Report

Each programme must be accompanied by a BBC Recording Report, delivered at the same time as the programme. It should be correctly completed - in English please for the benefit of non-Welsh speaking operational staff . NOTE: The Recording Report doubles as the CD sleeve. 

Be warned that if the producer has not signed the Recording Report (which forms the CD sleeve) to indicate that it's ready for transmission, it will not be broadcast! We will however make every effort to contact you, should this be the case. The most important details to be included in the Recording Report (which are often incorrect or missing) are : 

  • Items correctly identified by track number
  • Accurate timings (both for the total programme and for individual items where appropriate)
  • The IN and OUT cues for every track
  • Any unusual sounds
  • The level of the reference/line-up tone
  • The normalisation used

Contact :

The Duty Announcer, Tel: 029 2032-2340, e-mail:

Continuity Announcement Form

You will need to fill in a Continuity Announcement Form (presentation details) for verification of title, number, date of transmission, tape ins and outs etc, prior to broadcast. It also provides for opening and closing announcements by continuity, as required. One of these documents should be completed even if the programme is self contained. All continuity forms should be emailed to Radio Wales Presentation on the agreed delivery date. 

Contact :

Radio Wales Presentation, Tel: 029 2032-2340, e-mail: 

PasB (programme as broadcast) form

Independent productions :
You should email PasBs (programmes as broadcast) to Radio Wales Presentation on the agreed delivery date. 

In-house productions : 

Completed PasB forms should be sent to the the Wales Record Centre together with the music report. 

Contact :

Radio Wales Presentation, Tel: 029 2032-2340, e-mail: 

Music Reporting Form 

Independent productions :

You should email a Music Reporting Form to Radio Wales Presentation on the agreed delivery date. 

See Music reporting codes and instructions [PDF 95Kb]. 

In-house productions :

Music reporting should be done on SABLE, with a printed copy of the completed music report sent to the Wales Record Centre with the PasB. 

Contact :

Radio Wales Presentation, Tel: 029 2032-2340, e-mail: 


Three weeks before your programme is broadcast you must supply text for billings, to be used in listings magazines, newspapers,, digital television and Radio Times.

We need :

  • A longer form – Paragraph (for use on website, promotional material, as a press line)
  • A mid-length form – Summary (for EPG, Radio Times)
  • A short form – One liner (for verbal trails, other publications)

This should be sent in email form to

Tips :

Look at a typical billing in Radio Times and make sure that yours: 

  • is legal, decent, honest and truthful
  • uses a concise, written style which pithily sums up the programme
  • is written with the intended audience in mind
  • does not assume that people will listen to all editions of a series
  • is factually and typographically correct (identifying unusual words/facts as checked and correct) 

Your billing may be amended by the Scheduler, or the publication or digital service on which the billing appears. 

Contact :

BBC Radio Wales Scheduling, Tel (external): 029 2032-3418 or (internal) 01-23418,

Promotional material

On air trails :

BBC Wales Marketing and Promotions plan Radio Wales' trailing priorities four to six weeks in advance of transmission. Promotion for a series tends to run a week before the programme's first transmission and then for the first few weeks. Early delivery of your completed programme gives your programme a better chance of being trailed. If the full programme won’t be ready then clips are always useful.

On line :

Good visual imagery to accompany radio programmes is now an essential part of delivery, rather than a nice thing to have.

Images must be supplied to represent your programme on BBC iPlayer – whether those images are from or of the production / content itself, or appropriately cleared existing / archive images. The specifications for image content is outlined on our website; guidance and best practice in this area can be provided by our Radio Wales digital team .  Please seek their advice, if needed, before production.

Additional information or content (where appropriate) for the website is also appreciated. This may include video; written material; suggested clips. The contact for all iPlayer and website issues is:   

Press :

We also always welcome good press stories or lines.  Please contact the Commissioning Executive to discuss this.