What we're looking for on TV

In the changing media environment BBC Wales's television strategy has evolved and will continue to evolve. 

We are placing more emphasis on high profile, shorter projects across the genres, many of which lend themselves to a multi platform approach, making effective use of BBC Wales web and radio services to give increased depth and impact. These programmes are being scheduled more often with the peak time competitive slots on both BBC One Wales and BBC Two Wales. These slots have obvious demands - a high quality threshold, impact and innovation, audience appreciation and high audience numbers. This sets the context for our rolling commissioning process. 

BBC One Wales peak time slots are the most competitive and we have to have a great deal of confidence in the project and its delivery to move some of the most popular programmes on television. We are looking for these projects across a range of genres - popular factual, specialist factual, history, arts and entertainment. 

BBC Two Wales requires programmes that, in a short series, or even a single film make impact in a crowded schedule. We are mainly looking for programmes in the factual and specialist factual genre and projects that have ambition, scale and a degree of innovation. 

We are also interested in ideas which have co-commissioning potential and have commissioned a number of programmes with BBC Four for example. In the first instance an initial approach to the relevant commissioning editor in BBC Wales about your idea would be advisable.