The TV commissioning process

BBC Cymru Wales commissions both from an in-house production base in Cardiff and Bangor and producers from the Independent sector.

BBC in-house and independent producers can find more information on the current commissioning opportunities by looking at the latest commissioning news

In-House suppliers have a guaranteed 60% of non news hours which are made up of continuing strands and programmes which are discussed on a rolling basis. 

Independent producers are guaranteed 25% of commissioned non-news hours. They are expected to win a further 10% of the hours each year, and the remaining 5% is open to creative competition between both in-house and independent producers. 

When a commissioning brief is issued we will set a timetable within which we will make decisions regarding shortlisting, interviews and commissioning. This timetable will be in accordance with the timetable for commissioning programmes set by Ofcom and contained within the BBC's Code of Practice. 

The independent sector

Commissions from the independent sector are through commissioning rounds and on a rolling basis. Requirements are outlined on this site under what we are looking for

Members of the public

When it comes to ideas from individuals outside the BBC who are not part of an Independent production company they can refer to the guidelines on working with an independent production company on the central BBC Commissioning site

The development and production of a programme is a complex process, needing an in-depth understanding of the television system and involving many people as well as the creator of the original concept. Working with an independent production company provides this support.

Drama Submissions

Please note that we are unable to accept unsolicited drama scripts/book submissions unless they come from represented writers (via an agent) or from independent production companies. If you are an unrepresented writer then you will need to go via the BBC’s Writersroom Scheme which can be accessed here, or follow the advice on contacting an independent production company.

Contacting an independent production company

The best way of getting in touch with an independent production company is to do some research upfront about the companies who produce the type of programmes that you have an idea for (a tip is to watch similar programmes on TV and note down the company names at the end of the programme). 

Many of these independent companies are members of PACT - an industry body representing the independent sector and also in Wales TAC. They will be able to provide contact information for your chosen companies if necessary. 


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