Radio drama commissioning

We are constantly looking for extraordinary ideas and stories by talented writers that can be crafted into entertaining and insightful drama.

Ambition and originality are paramount. Stories with relevance to Wales - in character or location - will often be prioritised. But, as you'll see from forthcoming productions, we aim to tell stories with national or international appeal.

BBC Wales Radio Drama produces plays for network radio and BBC Radio Wales. Radio is as competitive as TV and has rigorous standards.

How to submit ideas

The commissioning of an idea, and the development and production of a programme is complex and highly competitive.

All unsolicited scripts should be sent in the first instance to the Writersroom.

For Radio 4 we are looking for innovative, original drama scripts. We are particularly, though not exclusively, interested in ideas which reflect Welsh writing, culture and experience. There are set criteria for Radio 4 (see below) and you should only submit an idea if you feel it fits a particular transmission slot.


Please consult the guidelines on the BBC's commissioning site for further information before submitting to the Writersroom. Successful scripts will ultimately be developed through BBC Wales Radio Drama Department.