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Stephen's Biography
Stephen Merchant
Stephen Merchant (born November 24, 1974 in Bristol, England) is co-writer and co-director with Ricky Gervais of the The Office and Extras, he also worked for Xfm London and did a world conquering podcast with Ricky Gervais before deciding he'd like to do a show about music here at 6 Music.

During his childhood, described through the Xfm shows and podcasts, Stephen was a very shy character, tending to focus more on school work; information in his yearbook projecting him to be highly successful. Stephen has also confessed that during his childhood, he was pathologically shy; particularly around girls whom he had affection for, due to the fact he often states he developed an infatuation for them before formally speaking. Steve has described his childhood as relatively normal and has noted that throughout his childhood, his priorities were leaning towards studies as opposed to sports; something made apparent when he revealed he participated in Physical Education still wearing his spectacles.

'Smerch' Facts!

* Stephen is apparently known as 'Smerch' to his friends

* Steve is 6'7" (2.06 metres) tall.

* Steve occasionally will take up a unique habit, such as smoking a pipe or wearing a bowtie. Of the latter, he remarked that it made him feel like P.G. Wodehouse's creations, Jeeves and Wooster.

* Appears to have a running streak of unrequited love affairs, including a Pygmalion-type of infatuation with a homeless girl, Britney Spears, and a young lady he tried to impress by reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. A 2006 trip to Brazil provoked anger with all the beautiful women who wouldn't look at him.

* Steve is notoriously "careful" with his money.

* Has argued he never uses a Y-front properly. Also will not relieve himself in the ocean while wearing his swimming trunks.
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