Video Wars - The Runners Up

Stuart Lanceley

Adam: I absolutely love this. As a No Surprises pastiche it's just superb (love the faithfully recreated light reflections added in post!) but the meatballs element takes the whole thing to an even more wonderful place. A place with no war, no hate and no Jessica Alba. This was a hot contender for winner in my book.

Joe: Easily the best single-take entry we got, Stuart's life-threateningly accurate Radiohead pastiche goes further than Thom Yorke ever dared imagine. Aside from how brilliantly Stuart has copied the Radiohead video, he must be commended for the sheer danger he puts himself in. One meatball aggressively attempts to go up his nose, while others hammer at his actual eyeballs. Stuart then has to go without breathing for the duration of my prolonged and incredibly stupid chorus warbling. And after all that, he still manages to lip-synch the final words with dead-on precision. A remarkable achievement.

Garth: A sweet slice of genius pie. Stuart deserves some kind of knighthood for making such a brilliant pastiche.

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