Video Wars - The Runners Up

Bill Edwards

Adam: Once I'd got over a few vanity issues (I am NOT a furious gnome! Am I...?) I was very impressed by this. Great details (nice Dune reference!) and certainly one of the best pieces of animation we saw. Excellent work Mr Edwards.

Joe: This one is fantastic. A very inventive interpretation of the song. Bill is clearly a very talented illustrator and animator with a touch of the brilliance of Ronald Searle. I can't speculate on how accurate a depiction of Adam's life during the first round of Song Wars this is, but I'd imagine it's about right. I found the newspaper headline reading 'Cornish is best human ever' a particularly clever and perceptive touch.

Garth: This animation is terrific. Having known Adam for many years now I can say he has been captured perfectly in this animation.

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