Video Wars - The Runners Up

Ali McKernan

Adam: This was so good and so insane that I wondered for a while if it had been made prior to the competition and simply recut to fit the song, but then I realised I was insane and was forced to bow to the awesome creative power of this film-making team. I'd be very interested to see what else they end up making. Nice credits that are much longer than the actual pop vid too!

Joe: One of my favourites. Astonishing in-camera animation inventiveness. Possibly made by Michel Gondry's extended family. A clever new technique in every shot. Amazing cardboard wrangling skills. A great melancholic re-working of the title song over the beautifully executed end credits. I particularly like the fact that the end credits are quite a bit longer than the main feature.

Garth: This is such a hugely ambitious film. These people are clearly really talented, really friendly and really mad.

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