6 Music Quiz - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different ways that I can play the BBC 6 Music Quiz?

The 6 Music Quiz is available to play online on the BBC website or on Facebook [requires Facebook account]

Will my name appear on the BBC 6 Music Quiz High Scores Table?

Only if you opt to submit it. If you mistakenly submit your score, you can have your name and score removed from the High Scores Table by emailing us at 6musicwebsite@bbc.co.uk

Is there a prize?

Unfortunately not! There are no prizes available and the BBC 6 Music Quiz is just for fun - it is not a competition.

Where do I send questions, comments or complaints about the BBC 6 Music Quiz?

If you have any complaints about the quiz please send them via our Complaints Site.

For any other questions or comments about the BBC 6 Music Quiz you can send us an email to 6musicwebsite@bbc.co.uk. We endeavour to reply to all enquiries, but please note that due to the large amount of correspondence we receive, it is not always possible for us to reply individually.

Who built the BBC 6 Music Quiz?

The quiz has been developed for the BBC by the independent production company Kite.

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