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Big Promise for Reading and Leeds

Organiser giving free burger and beer to all weekend ticket holders

  • 09/03/2012
  • Sinead Garvan

Melvin Benn has committed to giving everyone, who buys a weekend ticket to either Reading or Leeds festival, a free pint and burger.

"Money is tough, up and down the country, particularly for the Reading and Leeds audience, young people.

"So some how and I genuinely haven't worked out how I am going to do it, I've got this thing and I am committing to it that for each of the music days," Melvin explained.

"Every weekend ticket holder will get a free beer and burger as part of their ticket price."

It is quite a generous offer as between the two sites there is a capacity of over 160,000.

Melvin Benn told us he would like to get sponsors involved but if not he will put his hand in his own pocket.

"I have no idea how I am going to make it work.

"I'm obviously going to try and get my sponsors to try and work with and help me, but I tell you what if they don't I'll pay for the thing myself."

"I can't reduce the ticket price but I can work with my sponsors and my suppliers and give something back."

The line-up for the festivals will be announced on Monday evening.

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