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John Lydon: "It's finished"

Public Image Ltd will release their first album in 20 years later this year

  • 14/02/2012
  • Adrian Larkin & Matt Everitt

Fans who have been waiting since 1992 for the release of another PiL album need not worry.

The record, which had been slated for a release at the back end of last year, will finally see the light of day in 2012.

What's more, ahead of its release John Lydon has told 6 Music that a new EP comprising of 4 songs will be out this spring (April 21).

Designed to give fans a taster of what the final album will sound like Lydon revealed that recording was often impulsive, "we record live, some songs are made up on the spot," he said.

Describing the sound, he says it's "not moody and terrible" adding that it's "completely experimental."


Taking one of the tracks off the new EP, Lollipop Opera, Lydon, who grew up in a tiny council flat in Finsbury Park, North London says it's a song that encapsulates the album as a whole as he attempts to make sense of his past.

"It’s the scenario to how I lived my life, Led Zeppelin didn't’ mean much to anyone in my manor, It meant enough, but we had a broad expanse, Reggae, Greek and Turkish."

John Lydon’s Public Image Ltd, who were resurrected in 2009 for a handful of dates, have confirmed they will join BBC Radio 6 Music’s 10th anniversary celebrations next month (16 March) and will have the same touring band as always.

"I'd be mad to get rid of them and they would be mad to get rid of me," he said.

Live sets which had been almost 3 hours long will be shortened, "I hope to curtail that this time, because the tonsils really have to rap around dialogue, " Lydon confirmed.

PiL will be performing at Queen Elizabeth Hall on 16 March.

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