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The Return of Richard Hawley

Sheffield balladeer on new guitar-centric album and Arctic Monkeys collaboration

  • 11/01/2012
  • Matt Everitt

Richard Hawley has revealed the follow-up to his 2009 album Truelove's Gutter will see a more guitar-based, less orchestral sounding record than it’s recent predecessors.

Speaking to Steve Lamacq on 6 Music, the Sheffield singer says the return to a more stripped down instrumentation was inspired by the passing of one of his best friends.

“I decided that I was going to play a lot more guitar rather than it be orchestral" Hawley explained.

"That was a fundamental decision that I made. I lost my best mate Tim McCall [guitarist with Jarvis Cocker’s band] and that was such a traumatic experience to go thorough, that it became a kind of catalyst because he was my guitar buddy.

"I miss him so much, I just thought without being grim you don’t know how long you’ve got," he continued.

"We’ve got now, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is merely a myth.

I thought right, it is time to dust off the guitar, that was the main remit for me for the new record."

Hawley also discussed his collaboration with the Arctic Monkeys, a new song which will appear as the B-side to the band's next single Black Treacle.

There is a record coming out with me and the Arctic Monkeys, which we recorded before Christmas," Hawley revealed to 6 Music.

"Me and Al (Turner  Arctic Monkeys singer) had been talking for ages about writing together and we managed to squeeze in a couple of days in December to see if we could come up with anything.

"We ended up coming up with this song 'You & I' and I really like it, me and Al get to trade guitar solos as well which is quite fun.

"But yeah, I’m the numpty on the B-side,"he joked.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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