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Radiohead UK Arena Tour

Ed O'Brien hints at summertime UK gigs

  • 14/12/2011
  • Sinead Garvan
Thom Yorke

It would seem Radiohead are planning a summer UK arena tour.

Although nothing has been officially announced, Ed O'Brien told 6 Music:

"It is that classic thing that a band in our situation we never know how many people want to come and see us.

"You have to do what feels right instinctively and arenas feel appropriate this time for some bizarre reason, I don't know why."

He admitted he has got in trouble in the past for releasing tour date information prematurely so wouldn't divulge any specifics.

However, he hinted towards the summer time as he explained they are playing indoor venues and not any festivals. 

"I think the thing is what we wanted to do on this tour was, we haven't played indoors for a while and I think the King of Limbs lends itself to a really good sound because it's quite precise and quite detailed.

"So outdoor festivals probably aren't the ideal venue for that," he explained.

"We are excited about being indoor,s not being at the mercy of the weather, British Summer time."

They release two new tracks on Monday, Daily Mail and Staircase which were born from their From the Basement sessions.

Ed told 6 Music they were keen to get more music out following the release of King of Limbs earlier this year.

" I think that one thing that always frustrated us in the early days was you would put out an album and it would be at least a year and a half before anyone would hear new material.

"So to be able to have an album out at the beginning of the year and to have new tracks out by the end of the year that people can hear and particularly as we are going out on tour next year is always a good thing."

As for any new material next year, Ed reckons there is a possibility as they want to stay creative on tour:

"We haven't got anymore stuff left over but we are rehearsing at the moment and we are rehearsing new songs because we want the tour to be creative.

"So if that means at the end of the year we might have nipped into the studio for a couple of weeks and done an EP or something else then it could be, but the thing is to keep it as fluid and flexible as possible."

Listen to the full interview below.

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