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Mark E. Smith speaks his mind

The Fall frontman on Colonel Gaddafi, the London riots and their new album

  • 29/11/2011
  • Elizabeth Alker
The Fall

Mark E. Smith has said he "agrees with Colonel Gaddafi," when asked about the UK riots and the uprising in the Middle East this summer: "Too much laptops, too much Nescafe, that is what he [Colonel Gaddafi] said, you know," said the inimitable frontman of legendary Manchester band, The Fall.

"It's quite biblical actually, it was predicted in the bible, you know. People are just protesting about what they don't really know anything about. What makes me laugh is that they always seem very well dressed. They don't seem very ragged, do they?"

Mark E Smith gave BBC 6 Music News a rare interview at a launch party for the band's new album last night, (28 Nov) at the Laugh Inn in Cheshire.

Ersatz GB is The Fall's 29th studio album. It is atmospheric, pacy, quite dark in places and littered with Smith's trademark razor sharp, insightful, brilliant and surreal observations on everything from laptops, "We were in Texas and none of them worked. So there's me having to go out and find a phone box," to the US TV show Gossip Girl, "Nates always on it and he's always moaning about something. His computer's always broke down or something," and vinyl, "The thing about CD is it levels everything out so you can hear the drummer blowing his nose louder than the lead vocal."

Listen to Elizabeth Alker's full interview with Mark E. Smith below:

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