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Biffy Clyro's "obscure" new material

The band are experimenting with goth rock, math rock and prog country

  • 17/11/2011
  • Sinead Garvan
Biffy Clyro

After a relentless schedule of touring and festivals - Biffy Clyro are back home writing new material for what will be their sixth album.

"We're working pretty hard," Simon told 6 Music.

"We're now up to about 30 songs so maybe a double album, the dreaded D word," he joked.

Their last record, the Mercury-nominated Only Revolutions continued to see their popularity grow commerically but they didn't stray from their heavy rock background.

It seems this time they are willing to experiment even more within that genre.

Simon explained "we've got some really obscure things going on."

"We've got a kind of prog country song, which we never thought we'd do and some weird kind of math rock stuff meets almost goth rock.

"It's hard to explain just yet but there are moments that are odd."

They are hoping to have to album out before next summer.

Listen below to Sinead Garvan's chat with Simon, James and Ben from Biffy Clyro.

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