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Ash consider new studio record?

Tim Wheeler does a u-turn on whether the album format is dead

  • 17/10/2011
  • Georgie Rogers & Adrian Larkin
Ash's Tim Wheeler

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler has admitted he might have been wrong to say the album format was dead.

With 18 Top 40 hits, Ash are one of the most successful 'singles bands' of recent times and in 2007 after releasing Twilight Of The Innocents, they announced they would no longer release albums in a traditional way.

Heralding a new approach to record releases, the band then started putting out just singles on their recent A -Z tour.

Now, 10 years since they released Free Angels, as they embark on a greatest hits tour with Charlotte Hatherly in the fold again, Tim has been telling 6 Music why he could have been wrong.

"You don't have to market it (an album) for very long whereas a year of doing a singles campaign is quite challenging."

Ash's Tim Wheeler

"I think the album I will admit is probably still the best medium because in a way it's almost the most economic one when there's so little money coming in to make music.

"This probably offers the best way of doing it because you don't have to market it for very long whereas a year of doing a singles campaign is quite challenging."

So will another full studio record beckon? 6 Music reporter Adrian Larkin has been trying to find out:

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