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Jeff Beck for Rolling Stones stand in?

Guitar legend looks back at his career and mulls over the future

  • 23/09/2011
  • Adrian Larkin & Matt Everitt
jeff beck

Guitar legend Jeff Beck says he would happily stand in to play with the Rolling stones, should the opportunity ever arise in the future.

"I've just put my foot well into it, but I would, it would have to be something Blues or something that could show what I can do, I love them," he told 6 Music.

He also says he isn't regretful he didn't join the Rolling Stones in the past, "I don’t think I would have lasted, number one, I don’t think they were on the same path," he admitted.

Meanwhile, Jeff Beck is to be honoured with a Living Legend award by Classic Rock magazine.

Commonly regarded as one the greatest guitarist of all time - he was even Jimi Hendrix's favourite player.

Hear the full interview below with Matt Everitt.

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