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Doves frontman's solo project

Jimi Goodwin on his eclectic record

  • 13/09/2011
  • Elizabeth Alker
Jimi Goodwin

Late last year, after nearly twenty-four years together, the Doves announced they were taking a break.

"I think we just needed to recharge the batteries and do some things to feed ourselves as individuals really," Jimi Goodwin told 6 Music.

In the meantime, they've been busy writing and recording for various side projects and solo records.

Jimi has been working on the soundtrack to a film:

"I've been writing this music for a film called Bird Effect, it's about raising awareness for the plight of a lot of birds in the world," he explained.

That is not all he has been up to: "Also I've been writing, I'm loathed to call it a solo record but it probably is.

"It's shaping up to be like a mad mix tape, no pause for breath, no gaps between songs, going from 140BPM carnival style freak out to a folk track then hitting a hip hop esque beat."

Jimi also explained there is also a collaboration hoping to make it on to the record:

"Me and (Guy) Garvey have always threatened to write together and we finally got a chance to do that in the summer at Realworld studios" he explained.

" I came down for a weekend and we finally got round to touching on a couple of tracks that we'd sent each other, we made progress on a couple of songs that will almost definitely make this record whatever it is I am making."

Listen to the full interview with Elizabeth Alker below.

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