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Bob Marley documentary to mark anniversary

Kevin MacDonald, director of The Last King Of Scotland, spills the beans on his forthcoming Bob Marley documentary.

  • 11/05/2011
  • Sarah Jane Griffiths
Bob Marley

Director Kevin MacDonald says he hopes to have made the "definitive documentary" about the life of reggae legend Bob Marley.

The film-maker is presenting a preview of the movie, simply called Marley, at the Cannes Film Festival today (11 May), marking the 30th anniversary of the singer's death from cancer.

Marley marks the first time ever that his family has authorized the use of their own private archives of music, photographs and film.

MacDonald, whose previous works include The Last King Of Scotland and Touching The Void, told 6 Music he had been a fan since childhood.

"The third album I ever bought, aged about 12 or 13, was Uprising," he said.

"I never got to see him live. I was too young. S one of the great things about making the documentary was I got the excuse to be really nosy, be a detective, and find out what who this man was."

Filming has taken MacDonald all over the world - from Marley's home in Jamaica to India, Japan, Uganda, Kenya and Uganda.

"Part of the idea is trying to look at the influence he's had all around the world," MacDonald explained.

"We filmed in Tunisia because Bob Marley was culturally influential in the recent revolution.

"People were chanting 'Get up, stand up' when they were demonstrating in the streets."

"My interest, in a large part, is why he speaks so much to people around the world. Why, unlike any other popular musician, his philosophy, his lyrical message continue to resonate with people."

Listen to more of Kevin MacDonald's interview below.

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