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Underworld Frankenstein Exclusive

Dance duo discuss the score for Danny Boyle's Frankenstein

  • 25/02/2011
  • Elizabeth Alker

Danny Boyle's brand new theatre production of Frankenstein opened at the National Theatre in London this week and Underworld were hand picked to write the music for this stage show.

Karl Hyde told 6 Music News how they got involved with the project: "A script arrived in the middle of our last world tour and we were to respond by text, he said.

We always say yes to Danny because he takes us on journeys that take us to places that we've never been or places that we'd love to go but don't know whether we're capable of going there."

This is about the sixth of seventh project we've worked with Danny and every time he crops up it's as if the conversation never stopped. He walks back in and the conversation kicks off where we last left off. He's instantly into pressing all the right buttons in us and inspiring us to dig deep"
This is the first time Underworld have written a sound score for a theatre production and Karl explained the differences: "There are things that we can apply to the project that we've learned from the many films we've scored. But, at the same time you're not locking up to picture or to time code.

Things happen differently every time. You're never really sure, in the early stages of production, how long a piece of music should last or how that scene is going to develop."

Karl also explained how he and Rick Smith researched this project: without losing their "We did a lot of study of music of the period, of the Baroque guitar, of chamber music, of composers like Haydn and the instrumentation that would have been around at that time, popular to the particular area where the play is set.

However despite all their research Karl explained how Danny Boyle was keen to let the band be themselves: We didn't want to put any theatre goers noses out of joint but when we played our early experiments to Danny he said he wanted something more contemporary. He liked what we'd done but he encouraged us to be more Underworld"

Listen to Elizabeth Alker's interview with Karl Hyde:

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