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The Young Knives 'Positive' Record

"To be credible you need to be serious!"

  • 17/02/2011
  • Adrian Larkin

When the Young Knives release their third album Ornaments From The Silver Arcade in a few months, they'll be hoping the music industry and their fans take them seriously.

Not that this album is anyway trivial, quite the opposite with the trio recruiting the skills of Nick Launay, a producer who formally made his mark with John Lydon's Public Image Ltd.

"We wanted to make a positive, fun sounding record," Henry Dartnall told 6 Music.

"A lot of bands though are being pushed into this idea that to be musically credible you need to be serious.

"It's that sub Radiohead thing, and people aim at that, and any element of fun or humour is sidelined as lesser," he said. 


The Leicester group laid down the tracks in Los Angeles with Launay adding pop, electronic touches and according to Henry's brother Thomas, "commercial funk."

Explaining the decision to recruit Launay, Henry said: "We had been throwing this idea around that we would go with a bleepy, young producer, that was the idea, but we had written these 10 songs in the classic vein of song writing, so we thought we should go with someone who technically was strong, but knew about pop songs."

It will be a follow up to 2008's Superabundance which made it to number 28 in the UK album charts. Their debut Voices of Animals and Men, got a Mercury album prize nomination.

Young Knives are due to release the album on 4 April.


Love My Name
Everything Falls Into Place
Human Again
Running From A Standing Start
Sister Frideswide
Vision In Rags
Go To Ground
Silver Tongue
Storm Clouds

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