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Weezer on Hurley

The band say reaction to the album cover is over the top

  • 15/09/2010
  • Sinead Garvan

The talk around Weezer's latest album Hurley has mainly been why they put a picture of the actor who plays Hurley in the US TV show Lost on the front.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo explained how it came about:

"I just saw him backstage at the George Lopez show in LA and I love that show, he's such a cool character so I took a picture with him.

"Then I was looking at the picture later and just looking at his expression there is so much warmth and love, it's really a striking image.

"I thought on the cover of an alternative rock album it would be very freaky and it would definitely bother some people and excite some people, so let's throw it on there and see what happens.

It transpires that it did bother some people, many critics argued Weezer sold out because not only is the picture of a actor from a massive US TV show it's also a clothing brand.

However drummer Pat Wilson says the media reaction was over the top.

"Pitchfork's like it's an outrageous cover, really outrageous? are you outraged? it's just a guy smiling, a large moonface smiling at you," he said.

According to the band they didn't set out to call it Hurley but believed that with the character on the front of the album people would have called it that anyway.

"I thought on the cover of an alternative rock album it would be very freaky and it would definitely bother some people and excite some people."

Rivers Cuomo

Hollywood backing vocals

As for the music on the album, reviews for Hurley have so far have been positive.

Many saying it's a return to the high energy quirky rock we are used to from the band.

Unlike many of the previous Weezer records, this one isn't written just by frontman Cuomo. Ryan Adams, Semisonic's Dan Wilson and No Doubt's Tony Kanal all feature on various tracks.

Also in comes Hollywood actor Michael Cera to provide backing vocals on Hang On and members of the Jackass crew singing on current single Memories.

Despite all these outside influences, Cuomo told 6 Music it's still very much a Weezer album:

"In fact it may be a look back at the past, it's very much alternative rock, raw energy, really intense emotion, out of tune vocals, crunchy guitars, yeah it's Weezer."

New material

There's no rest in the Weezer camp, one album just out and new material is already well underway and frontman Rivers says it's unconsciously going in a different direction:

"I was just talking to the producer the other day about it, we were listening to a bunch of songs and it actually sheds some light on what hurley sounds like too.

"I wasn't even aware of this but he said this new material sounds more youthful, like you're 16 and you're biking to 7-Eleven to have a slurpy and you're listening to this music.

"Where as Hurley is more darker, messed up and twisted, I think maybe the next record will be a little more light and youthful."

This November, fans of the band's second album can rejoice as Weezer are hoping to release Pinkerton Deluxe plus another album full of unreleased material called Death to False Metal.

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