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Editors: "Excited about new songs"

Birmingham four-piece joined Kings of Leon and Kasabian at V Festival this weekend

  • 23/08/2010
  • Adrian Larkin & Kathryn Stanczyszyn
Editors 286

Editors, at V Festival this weekend, have spoken about their desire to record the follow up to In This Light and on This Evening, claming they will soon be heading back to the studio to work on new tunes.

"We want to get involved in writing new music as soon as possible and get into an environment that we all enjoy -  I think we have had enough time living with this record to know that we can be stronger and improve our song writing," drummer Ed told our 6 Music news reporter.

He continued: "Now we actually only have one show on the 10th September with Muse in Berlin, and then we are ready, we have a couple of demos already and they are sounding excellent.

"I am genuinely excited about the two tracks we have received so far from Tom."

Elsewhere across Chelmsford and Staffordshire and Kings of Leon, Stereophonics and Kasabian performed at the event, you can get a full round-up below:

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