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Flaming Lips target Karen O

Wayne Coyne reveals plans to work with Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer

  • 13/07/2010
  • Georgie Rogers
Flaming Lips - and Karen O by David Belisle

6 Music's Georgie Rogers caught up with the Flaming Lips frontman in Zagreb at the T-Mobile INmusic festival - where he revealed he's been badgering Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O for a special collaboration.

Plus there's an even bigger name he'd like to work with too.

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    • 1. At 10:34am on 13 Jul 2010, NickiL wrote:

      I was at St Georges Hall last night and Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling And Dharohar Project gig was absolutely awesome.

      We were totally spell bound for 3 hours of wonderful music,talent and culture. Value for money was a total under statement. I hope there will be some video footage somewhere to we get the chance to revisit what I think will be a gig of a lifetime.

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    • 2. At 2:34pm on 13 Jul 2010, joe duggan wrote:

      great show, but how boring is this Richard Ashcroft album, it should be 'most boring album of the day'.

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    • 3. At 8:19pm on 14 Jul 2010, ierez wrote:

      The hate mails John Lyndon has received is what Israel is facing for 62 years - only "mail" in the form of suicide bombers, rockets, wars, threats of annihilation, promises to wipe Israel off the map and so on and on. What's so "controversial" about performing in the only real, stable, free democracy in the Middle East, a country with an open, vibrant culture and a creative and innovative society?

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    • 4. At 1:48pm on 16 Jul 2010, beeky wrote:

      @ierez Dont make me laugh! And how free are the people of Palestine!? You know those people who Israelis displaced and force to lead there lives in concentration camp conditions? But yeah I guess Israel is free, free to attack aid ships, from helicopters in the middle of the night, guns firing before they even hit the deck, killing innocent people in international waters no less! People are waking up to Israel's atrocities.

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