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Knife's Karin behind iamamiwhoami?

Fever Ray looks at 'new projects' and heads back into the studio with brother Olof

  • 22/05/2010
  • Georgie Rogers
Fever Ray

The Knife brother-sister duo Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer are back in the studio, but whatever the fruits of their labour, new songs might not be released under their former alias.

We caught up with Karin at Coachella festival last month, where she was performing with her solo outfit, Fever Ray.

She said after the US dates she would begin recording with her Knife bandmate again and continue to look into “new projects”, adding to speculation that she could be behind the anonymous band iamamiwhoami, which has surfaced online.

“Olof, my brother, he's in Stockholm now,” she told 6 Music News. “We will start to work a little bit as well and we'll see what happens.”

Never giving too much away, she was as cryptic as ever, when we asked whether that work would be bundled into a new Knife album, their first since the acclaimed Silent Shout in 2006.

The Knife

“Yes that's Knife and this is Fever Ray,” she laughed. Adding: “I don't know. I mean, we haven't been working with The Knife things for many years now so maybe we don’t like it, or maybe it's very fun. I don't know.”

In the meantime, the Swedish electro pair recently put out Tomorrow, In A Year, the studio version of a Charles Darwin-themed opera project, which they wrote for the Hotel Pro Forma Danish performance group, with the help of Mt. Sims and Planningtorock.

Karin also put out her first solo effort under the moniker Fever Ray in 2009, and was critically lauded for her mesmerising stage show at subsequent tour dates.

She revealed she and Olof have started talking a lot about what they want to do and how they are going to go about it, insisting the pair want to keep things relaxed: “We'll have a jam session and see what happens.”

Is Karin iamamiwhoami?

For some time videos have been appearing on the Youtube channel of a mystery electronic music project called iamamiwhoami (See example below).

It’s sent the blogosphere a little crazy with people trying to decipher which elusive music-makers are behind it.

People have focussed on artists like Alison Goldfrapp, Lykke Li, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Swedish singer-songwriter Joanna Lee and in particular Karin Dreijer Andersson.

We asked Karin the big question, whether it meant anything to her, and there was no confirmation, nor a denial.

There was some silence as she thought about an answer, before she responded: "That's a lot of questions. I think it's much more interesting to ask questions that answer things so it's good."

Either way, it's certain her creative juices will be channelled into various projects no doubt over the next year.

"I think it's time now," she said.  "It was quite a long time ago since I was in the studio. We have one more week of [Fever Ray] shows in September in Europe but after that I really think that should be final because I need to make new things now."

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