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These Foal-ish Things

Was recording their new album really "the worst thing in the world" for Foals?

  • 22/02/2010
  • Matt Everitt

This week The Foals’ hugely anticipated second album 'Total Life Forever' hits shops, and while it's receiving near universal good reviews, much of the coverage surrounding its release has centered on keyboardist Edwin Congreave’s comments that the recording process was "The worst thing in the world."

Speaking to 6 Music, singer Yannis Philippakis has said that while it wasn’t easy, Congreave’s comments shouldn’t be taken out of context.

“It was the worst time, and also the best time." Philippakis explained, "I think he was just trying to explain the peaks and troughs of the recording experience. It was just quite intense, there wasn’t a lot of release from it.

“So for Edwin particularly it was probably the worst and best. I actually enjoyed being in the studio a lot! It's not like it's being made out to be. It wasn’t quite that bad!"

"I actually enjoyed being in the studio! It wasn’t quite that bad!"

Yannis Philippakis

"We’re all quite strong-willed, but any tension or conflict that’s caused or comes about through the clash of personalities, in our band it's always led to good things. That’s how the music is made. That’s how we operate and I think it’ll always be like that.

The band did however have some concerns on the albums completion, as it does mark a change in their style.

“We were apprehensive about the reaction to it, particularly as it’s so different to what’s come before. But then the response has been great.

“It’s going to encourage us in the long run to follow our intuition, and not to feel timid or afraid or worried about being at the mercy of the music industry.”

You can watch the session by clicking here.

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