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Deerhunter's Helicopter

Atlanta band sing the praises of Manchester's music scene as they unveil a new track

  • 06/05/2010
  • Adrian Larkin

American four-piece Deerhunter, who are currently on tour in the UK, have paid homage to Manchester's "historic" music scene.

During a visit to 6 Music this week the Atlanta band agreed that, despite their wide reaching musical tastes, the northern city had been a huge influence on their sound.

"As a group we share a passionate stance on Manchester's music history, we all approach things differently, but we all agree on the groups; Magazine, The Fall it goes on and on," frontman Bradford Cox told 6 Music.

Appearing on former Fall guitarist Marc Riley's show the band performed new song Helicopter and then played a cover of the Fall song Who Makes the Nazis.

You can listen to the session again online by clicking here.

The band will now take to London's Heaven nightclub tonight (6 May), before heading to All Tomorrow's Parties in Minehead on 8 May and Brighton on 10 May.

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