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M.I.A's call for title help

Dubstep producer Rusko says Maya's varied new album features sung love songs

  • 27/04/2010
  • Georgie Rogers

British rapper M.I.A has posted on twitter a picture of the tracklisting for her as-yet-untitled album and called on fans to give her album title suggestions.

Dubstep maestro Rusko produced her latest offering and spoke of how they got "carried away" musically during epic 30-hour long recording sessions.

“It sounds like a rock band trying to play dubstep songs,” he said of the album backstage at Coachella Festival in the States earlier this month. “The whole idea of the record was to freak people out."

“It’s crazy. It’s like mad distorted and hectic,” he added. “She’s super creative. She’s one of my favourite people I’ve ever worked with. While she’s writing words, she’s drawing pictures and artwork.”

Branding Maya Arulpragasam a ‘visual artist’ Rusko said they were experimental in the studio.

"She[M.I.A]’s got a kid, a little one year old baby, and we recorded his heart beat. We’d just think of crazy ideas."

“She makes the picture before the lyrics,” he explained. “It’s all one big package. It’s kind of all a bit crazy. She’s got a kid, a little one year old baby, and we recorded his heart beat. We’d just think of crazy ideas.”

The record was completed in a rented studio in Hawaii and Rusko, who played guitar and piano on it, said it’s really varied.

“Every track is something you don’t realise, so there’s something that just sounds way crazy and you can’t understand it, but then the next track is a love song with a piano and perfect singing, no rapping but perfect singing.”

A title?

Rusco at Coachella Festival 2010 (Photo by Georgie Rogers)

M.I.A has asked her fans for some album title aid and Rusko unveiled an early working title.

“We wanted to call it Complications because it took so long,” he laughed. “It wasn’t a nightmare, but we’re both perfectionists. I’m like a mad perfectionist so the final versions we sent off were version eight and version nine. They’d all been changed and changed, but that’s good.”

You can see the controversial video for its first taster Born Free, directed by Romain Gavras, at her official site, although it's been pulled from YouTube in the US and UK.

Rusko and M.I.A have a combined three-month tour in the diary at the end of the year.

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