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Charlatans wary of nostalgia trip

Bandmates disagreed over plans to revisit their debut album, Tim Burgess says

  • 12/03/2010
  • Ian Youngs
The Charlatans

The Charlatans, who are performing their debut album Some Friendly live later this year, initially disagreed about whether it was right to revisit the record 20 years on, singer Tim Burgess has revealed.

The five-piece will perform the album in its entirety in London, Glasgow and Blackpool in May, and it will also be re-released to mark the anniversary.

“I think some members of the band just weren’t keen on doing it at all originally,” Burgess told 6 Music news.

“But as with everything, there are five members of the band and some people want to do stuff and some people don’t.

“We all got together and realised it was a great time to do it. We’re pretty much the only band from around that time that’s still going and has never split up.

“So everyone now is completely unified in the decision.”

The album, which includes the hit The Only One I Know, was originally released in October 1990, coming at the height of the baggy era and helping to pave the way for Britpop.

"This year is going to be marking something that’s old and then looking ahead again."

Tim Burgess

Burgess said it was “pretty weird” to think that it was made two decades ago.

“It feels like yesterday and then some days it feels like it was a lot longer than 20 years ago,” he said.

“It was a great time and a great musical spirit in the air at the time. We got to work with one of our great heroes, [producer] Chris Nagle.”

Nagle engineered records by the likes of Joy Division, The Ramones, The Stone Roses, New Order and the Happy Mondays.

The reissue also comes with a bonus CD containing previously unreleased Peel sessions.

“When you had a release and you were offered a Peel session, it was something really special,” Burgess said. “You can tell they’re the same songs but quite a different vibe.”

The band are now back in the studio working on their 11th studio album. “This year is going to be marking something that’s old and then looking ahead again, as we always do,” the singer added.

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