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Dragons on the prowl with Gorillaz

Swedish band Little Dragon 'inspired' by sessions with Damon Albarn

  • 05/03/2010
  • Ian Youngs
Little Dragon

Little Dragon have lifted the lid on their recording sessions with Damon Albarn’s “virtual” pop band Gorillaz, which the Swedish group describe as “inspiring”.

Albarn was among the crowd to see the group, who appear on two tracks on Gorillaz’s new album Plastic Beach, when they performed in London on Thursday.

They are among a star-studded line-up of guests on the album, which also includes Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, Mark E Smith and Lou Reed.

“It was really inspiring to be there because the tracks that they played for us before we tried anything were really wide,” singer Yukimi Nagano told 6 Music news.

"We ate doughnuts and played some ping pong and I wrote some lyrics."

Yukimi Nagano

“One minute it was orchestral music and the next it was Asian influence and then electro. You were dizzy from all the music, and inspired.”

Albarn, a fan of the band’s two albums, asked to work with the group, with Yukimi describing the atmosphere in the studio as “a lot of fun”.

“We ate doughnuts and played some ping pong and I wrote some lyrics,” she said.

“He had a bunch of different tracks and different music. It was a very jam-friendly studio because there was a bunch of different instruments and they said: ‘Try anything you want. Just go ahead.’”

Little Dragon will also join the cast list for the forthcoming Gorillaz live shows, starting at the Coachella festival in California next month.

But they do not yet know how the live show will work, Yukimi admitted. “Everything’s a bit mysterious. In a good way, I think.”

Little Dragon released their second album Machine Dreams last year and are now working on their third.

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DN, London
"Almost certainly, the figure who appeared for the opening Madvillainy track Meat Grinder was not the same individual who performed the rest of the gig."The song was "Accordian". And I'm not so sure it wasn't Doom throughout (though I was standing at the back of the room). His no-show gigs have tended to be lip-synched, whereas it was undoubtedly live MCing throughout this show.

Adam, the orchestra was amazing and deserve a mention - they're the Heritage Orchestra.

Geraint, Canton
Saw him in Cardiff this year playing Paris 1919 in its entire, very good too!

sam durham
was at this gig and it was awesome! never seen either perform as well as that!

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