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Gang Gang Dance on Florence dispute

US group break silence over Florence and the Machine wrangle

  • 05/03/2010
  • Ian Youngs
Gang Gang Dance

New York band Gang Gang Dance have said they were annoyed that Florence Welch did not give them earlier credit for copying part of one of their songs in her track Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up).

Florence recently agreed to pay the US group a share of the song’s royalties after admitting the similarity to Gang Gang Dance’s House Jam, which came out in 2008.

She explained that it was “an homage” to the band, saying she was a “massive fan” and had talked about them in interviews.

But singer Liz Bougatsos told 6 Music news that they had not been aware of Florence acknowledging their influence.

“If she would have mentioned it in the beginning, in the press, which we never saw, that would have definitely made a difference,” she said.

“And if she was speaking of an homage at that point, that would have helped as well.

"If we heard her admit it in the press it would probably have made a difference and not made us feel bad about it."

Liz Bougatsos

“I’m happy now for sure. I think I was annoyed in the beginning because other people’s reactions were affecting the way I was thinking about it - it’s not a natural way for me to come out at somebody. I hope there’s no hard feelings.”

They were made aware of the similarity by British fans who let them know about the Florence track, she said.

“I don’t really have a problem with people wearing their influences on their sleeve. As an entertainer that’s probably a just way to serve the people that listen to your music. If we heard her admit it in the press it would probably have made a difference and not made us feel bad about it.

“I believe that we’ll receive some sort of monetary compensation for the similarities in the song and the actual lyrics and style, and I think Florence is happy to do that and that’s fine, that feels pretty good.”

Florence’s record label Island declined to comment.

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Zoe york
Song thief

philip in manchester
ah she well ripped them off and is now covering her tracks

Roseann Campbell, London
It sounds a little bit like Florence only admitted this song was copied after she got caught...a bit checky really but Gang Gand Dance now get what's due to them which is good

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