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Rubin produces Adele

Paul Epworth writes with London singer on her Rick Rubin-produced second

  • 15/02/2010
  • Georgie Rogers
Paul Epworth and Florence and the Machine at the Music Producers Guild Awards

Florence and the Machine producer Paul Epworth has let slip that himself and Rick Rubin are involved with Adele’s 19 follow-up.

"I’ve been working with Adele, just writing, not production," he told 6 Music. "Rick Rubin’s going to be producing her next record."

Rubin was behind the desk on records by Beastie Boys and Public Enemy in the early days, with further credits including albums by Johnny Cash, Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Audioslave.

Epworth was speaking at the Music Producers Guild Awards, where he was awarded the Producer of the Year award, which doubles up as a BRIT.

Of working with the Grammy-winning Adele, Epworth said: "It’s been an exciting experience working with someone like her and just writing. Being like, 'Here you go, here’s the song'."

The Big Pink

Not only has he been working with Friendly Fires on new songs, but it seems some of the best new talent around has been knocking on his door.

The list includes The Big Pink, Chapel Club and Plan B.

"I’ve done some stuff with Crystal Castles, who I’m a massive fan of and I’m actually an even bigger fan having worked with them," he said of the experimental electronic duo from Ontario. "I think they are very much the next generation of pop music. They’re really very forward thinking."

A second album from Crystal Castles is due in April.

Epworth has also just finished working with Plan B, aka Ben Drew, on his new record.

Crystal Castles

"He’s done a lot of it himself and I just helped him find the vision and direction for it," Epworth explained. "His song-writing’s amazing that’s going to surprise a lot of people I think and he can actually sing."

Plan B put out his acclaimed debut, Who Needs Actions When You Got Words, in 2006 and had a top ten single with Chase & Status, titled End Credits.

While Epworth might be flavour of the month, he thinks he's still got a lot to learn from the seasoned producers.

"Looking at someone like Jim Abbiss and the work he did with Arctic Monkeys, Ethan Johns and the records he made with Kings of Leon and Paolo Nutini," he said. "They make records that don’t seem to date so it’s all very well being the vogue producer, but those people are under-rated."

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