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Butler Butts Out

Bernard Butler says the Suede reunion gig doesn't need him

  • 22/01/2010
  • Elizabeth Alker

Bernard Butler has spoken exclusively to 6 Music News about his conspicuous absence from Suede's reunion line-up. The band have confirmed that they will perform at this year's Teenage Cancer Trust gig at the Royal Albert Hall but Butler's original replacement, Richard Oakes will play guitar with the group.

No date has been confirmed for the gig yet but most press coverage about Suede's reunion has focussed on Butler's absence. He said he finds this surprising as there are no hard feelings between him and any members of the band: "It's a shame for them that my name gets dragged into it to try and stir something up, he said.

"The honest answer is that I haven't been asked to do it. I saw Brett the other night socially and it's not really something we're going to go on about. So, it's all in people's fantasies and imaginations really."

"I saw Brett the other night socially and it's not really something we're going to go on about."

Bernard Butler

 Bernard Butler left Suede in 1994, nearly a full decade before the band disbanded in the early noughties. He has since gone on to forge a successful career as a producer and solo artist, so sees no reason why people would assume Suede need him back now: "I think they were really happy without me for quite a while and I think they'd be really unhappy with me now, he laughed.

"They were a really successful band and I was with them for 5 minutes, relatively, to the history of the band. And they get along fine."

Butler is happy to remain on amicable terms with the band and wished them all the best for the comeback: "I think they'll manage this on their own. I think it's a good idea. It's a great charity and I'll be on the front row chucking peanuts at them."

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