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Sound of Hurts

Manchester 'Noir 'n' b and doom pop'  duo come fourth on the BBC's Sound of 2010 list

  • 05/01/2010
  • Georgie Rogers

This week we are revealing the top five of the BBC's influential Sound of 2010 shortlist and in fourth place it's...Hurts.

The outfit comprises of singer Theo Hutchcraft and instrumentalist Adam Anderson, who met outside a nightclub in 2006, and describe their sound as "Noir 'n' b and doom pop".

Signed to the Sony label RCA, the pair are the newest act on the longlist, with no singles out yet and no live gigs as Hurts under their belt.

They joked that they plan to exploit that, with Adam saying: "I think we intend for next year to continue living off the hype, probably make an average record and just ride it out."

Theo laughed: "It feels like we've duped everyone at the moment."

On a more serious note, he explained why they have only posted one song, Wonderful Life, on their MySpace page.

"We've deliberately played it that way because we're quite firm believers in less is more," he said. "It's a lot more of a challenge to hold your breath than it is to breathe isn't it? So we've put a lot of effort into that one song and video and it's paid off."

The look...

The band have a distinctive, stylised noir-pop look, with their first video shot in black and white, reminiscent of Anton Corbijn's Joy Division biopic Control.

Theo told 6 Music it's intentional: "I guess it's quite conscious because we don't get dressed in the dark. We put on the clothes that we want to wear."

"It's a lot more of a challenge to hold your breath than it is to breathe isn't it? So we've put a lot of effort into that one song and video and it's paid off."

Theo Hutchcraft

The snappy dressers have no particular style icons but said they know of one trend they did not want to follow.

"In Manchester it's really difficult to avoid lads in trackies, greasy-haired," said Adam, with Theo explaining why they felt it was important to craft a style for themselves.

"I guess it's more a case of, we don't like bands that don't do it, so you find yourself gravitating towards the people that do and it's all the more interesting," he said.

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The band were rumoured to have signed a very lucrative record deal with RCA, but the duo remained tight-lipped about exact figures.

"Let me put it this way," Theo said. "We've got two tickets to the Eurovision Song Contest and a comb, and an umbrella, so that's all that matters really.

"As long as we get one pound more than the £54 a week we got off the dole for two and a half years, then I'll be a happy man."

A limited 12" of the Arthur Baker remix of their forthcoming single Wonderful Life is out on 18 January with the original due in June and an album to follow, pencilled in for release in August.

They embark on their first European tour in February performing at Manchester's St Philip with St Stephen's Church (22), London's Wiltons Music Hall (24), Berlin's Lido (26) and Gebauede 9 in Köln (27).

Check back tomorrow to find out who was voted in third place.

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Tom, Manchester
Bad, bad, bad news. Why oh why must people consistently fall for this trendy, hyped up, in vogue, of the moment nonsense. If they spent all that time on one VERY, VERY mediocre song, then i'm sure the album is going to be chock full of classics. 80'S noir? Sounds more like a ladie's bra plugged into an amplifier from aldi.

Gareth - Cardiff
Even if we are to base our opinions of these two on their previous work in other bands, surely a group should have to prove themselves to the public through previous releases and at least a few gigs before appearing on a list such as this. Does their reportedly large record contract have anything to do with it?

Dave/ Leeds
'Wonderful Life' is one of those totally life affirming tracks. I love the thought of what this band might become. They seem like top lads and if they eschew that Manc tracky thing too - even better. Hope they're not Man U fans after what Leeds did to them at the weekend - 'cos they could be big in Leeds with this sound/look. V.Exciting.

David - London
We're doomed.

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