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Badly Drawn Boy's 10

Damon Gough celebrates ten years with new boundary busting album

  • 02/01/2009
  • Ruth Barnes
Badly Drawn Boy 286x161

Badly Drawn Boy has revealed his next album will be a radical change from what fans have heard in the past.

Fresh from recording and releasing the soundtrack to TV movie The Fattest Man, Is There Nothing We Can Do, Damon Gough has told us he’s now focusing his sights on his seventh studio album.

2010 will see Manchester’s finest beanie-touting troubadours celebrate ten years in the business. He’s come a long way since winning the Mercury Prize for his debut album The Hour of Bewilderbeest in 2000.

But, in a strange way, Damon admits it’s all come full circle: "I really honestly feel like I’m back to the beginning. Whatever’s been done in the past is done, whatever I’ve achieved or not achieved."

It seems the follow-up to Is There Nothing We Can Do and his last album 2006’s Born in the U.K. will be about going back to basics.

But also taking a wholly different route, as he explained: "I feel like I’m really starting again with my music. There are certain things I’ve not done yet that I need to try and do, to really investigate what talent I’ve got.

"Because I’m always really frustrated that I don’t put across what I’m capable of doing, I know that I’ve got ideas that are very difficult to achieve."

"It’s a feeling of spontaneity and not being afraid. In the past I’ve been stifled by my own abilities."

Badly Drawn Boy, Damon Gough

The musician, who broke into the mainstream in 2002 with the soundtrack to the film adaptation of Nick Hornby'sAbout A Boy,  says after a decade in the industry he is ready to reach his musical goals: "I feel the closest I’ve ever felt to being able to achieve them.

"The people I’m working with in the studio, it feels like family.  I can walk in any day of the week and say, ‘Right I’ve got this idea I came up with it 2 minutes ago and we’re gonna record it now.’

"It’s a feeling of spontaneity and not being afraid. In the past I’ve been stifled by my own abilities."

It seems Damon Gough has been set free by leaving his record label: "I feel like I'm potentially gonna get there with this next album. I'm not with a label anymore, I was with EMI but that's all fallen apart. 

"There’s a slightly liberating feeling to that, as much as I liked being on a label and being with EMI and they were great people, it's all gone so I’ve no loyalties there, I’m doing it myself now."

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