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Flaming Lips Freak Out

Wayne Coyne and Co. plot home town NYE party

  • 31/12/2009
  • Jo Youle
Flaming Lips

Wayne Coyne and Co. are gearing up to unleash one very special night of full blown mayhem in their hometown of Oklahoma.

Every festive season the band take on their home turf, and this year will be no different as they prepare to 'Freak-Out' in their usual New Years style.

There is new material to add to their repertoire tonight though, with their new space-rock inspired album Embryonic just out.

With no thought for commercial concerns, The Flaming Lips seem to have split critics with their latest psychedelic, experimental new record.

However, frontman Wayne Coyne says he embraces all music, whether it’s commercial or underground: “I would say there are elements that are more pop for sure, then this record.

"I think there’s a segment of our audience that could just expect whatever happened. They would know that we have a tendency to be more experimental, that we can be poppy, but there’s no way around us being the weirdos that we really are.”

"We can be poppy, but there’s no way around us being the weirdos that we really are."

Wayne Coyne

So, as most of us here in the UK are preparing to latch onto the hottest thing we can lay our hands on down the local boozer, Wayne and Co. will launch into a full version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon as the clock strikes 12.

They will be joined by Wayne’s nephew’s band, Stardeath and White Dwarf, and they plan to play the whole record in its entirety, and they are not doing things by halves.

Wayne says: “Starting this year, we’re going to be having the world’s biggest balloon drop, the world’s biggest mirror ball, and The Flaming Lips fans will bring their enthusiasm and their joy.”

Not one to be known for his mild stage antics, Wayne says he plans to pull out all the stops for the show, which takes place downtown in the city: “I don’t think we ever restricted ourselves with thinking, 'Ooh, this is getting too weird'.

"Maybe with the Flaming Lips, maybe that gets a little bit easier than with Gwen Stefani. I don’t know, but for us, if we think something is too weird, we go 'Alright!'"

Tickets are still available for this gig if you happen to be passing, and the band are not trying to make mountains of cash, with prices ranging from $10 to $20.

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Ethan J Tulsa
I'm still recovering. Thank you Flaming Lips. The highlight for me was Steven singing dsotm and the giant hands shooting lasers into the mirror ball!

Rideincircles Fort Worth, Texas
I will be there getting my mind blown. Twitter rideincircles for updates.

Steven/ Nashville, TN USA
I'm heading to Oklahoma City for this in about seven hours!! Plus I've got floor tickets! It's going to be a night to remember.

Andre D. Frisco TX
Got my tix! It's going to be great!

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